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We offer a number of services designed to meet your personal health needs.

Essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids can be administered directly into the body, allowing a flood of nutrients to replenish your body at the cellular level.


Our team of physicians, pharmacists, and medical experts have formulated vitamin and mineral infusions and injectables to directly target a wide range of symptoms, conditions, issues, and goals . Whether you are looking for increased athletic performance, a cure from that cold you can’t seem to kick, or looking for overall detoxification, we have developed therapies that allow your body to absorb the nutrients as efficiently as possible.

Upon arrival for your therapy, our medical staff will make you comfortable in our clinic. After a quick medical questionnaire and pre-treatment vital signs, our registered nurses will then begin the administration process. 

Relax in a comfortable recliner, watch TV, listen to music, or even take a nap while you receive your IV drip. Our staff will monitor you throughout, and after about 45 minutes, you are on your way to a better you.



We offer intravenous infusions specifically designed by our medical staff to target a wide range of issues, symptoms, and conditions. Whether you are looking for immediate relief, maintaining a supplementation regimen, training for a big event, jumpstarting a weight-loss effort, starting a cleanse, dealing with symptoms of a medical condition, looking to overhaul your health, or you just want to see what it feels like, we’ve got something for you.


In addition to our intravenous therapies, we offer a variety of intramuscular (IM) injections, delivering a concentrated dose of a specific nutrient or blend of nutrients quickly, effectively, and safely. These injections are effective in treating a wide range of symptoms, including depression, fatigue, headaches, migraines, nausea, jetlag, brittle hair and nails, dry skin, immunity, cold/upper respiratory infections, allergies, and fibromyalgia, while aiding in cleansing, detoxification, hangovers, cancer prevention, and heart health.



To further enhance your nutritional profile, Vitaliv has developed Vitalife Nutraceuticals to complement our infusions and injectables. With these essential supplements, you can maintain a well-rounded, beneficial supplementation plan to coincide with our therapies. Our pharmaceutical grade supplements use special ingredients to target general health, as well as more specific conditions and goals, including sleep support, heart health, blood sugar regulation, energy, cognition, thyroid regulation, adrenal support, gastrointestinal health, and more.




Blood labs are able to provide us with the most detailed information about the current status of your health with readable hard data. By measuring your functional nutritional deficiencies at the cellular level, we are able to help you treat conditions, manage symptoms, and prevent illness with customized therapies. The results from these labs allow us to see where your body is deficient nutritionally and develop personalized health programs to optimize your overall personal health.





Have a specific medical condition, looking for a certain goal, or seeking a more specific treatment? At Vitaliv, we believe in personalized healthcare: give your body what it actually needs to optimize your overall health.

With the ability to personalize your treatments and health plans, we can provide the right infusions, injectables, supplements, and diet recommendations tailor-made to your unique profile. By doing so, we can help treat conditions, prevent disease, promote healthy weight, reverse aging, and optimize your overall health status.



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