General Hydration Infusion

If you are suffering from fatigue, dehydration, or are simply curious about intravenous supplementation, our Refresh therapy provides you with a baseline of fluids and electrolytes to restore your body’s balance.


While your body craves actual water to increase your body’s fluid levels, the additional minerals and electrolytes help control water distribution and fluid balance, while participating in nerve conduction and muscle contraction, as well as carbohydrate utilization and protein synthesis. With a baseline of nutrients and fluids, this therapy hydrates your body and leaves you feeling refreshed.


1000mL Fluids


Sodium Chloride

Sodium Lactate

Potassium Chloride

Calcium Chloride


General Fatigue


Pre and Post Surgery


Body Aches


Dry Mouth

Dry Skin

Dry Sinuses 

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Drip your way to health

In addition to boosting hydration levels quickly, infusion therapy has numerous benefits. 

Nutrients can be added to the bag to target nutritional deficiencies, manage symptoms, prevent and treat disease, and regenerate cells. Research has shown the vast benefits of infusions and the success that they have had in treatments. 

Coupled with our other services and products, infusion therapy can be very beneficial for your overall health. Not only can you improve your condition, but you can prevent future aging and disease.

At Vitalife, we believe in the whole picture. Come see how we can help.

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