IV Ozone Therapy

Regenerative therapy for chronic

inflammation, disease, and detox

what is ozone infusion therapy?

Oxygen is perhaps the most molecule in the body, where it is needed for proper mitochondria functioning. Ozone is made up of three molecules of oxygen bound together. In this state, the molecules are highly unstable and must react with something.

When it is injected into the body or blood, the first thing the molecules react with is a cell membrane, creating whats called a "lipid oxidation product", or LOP for short. This enzyme sends a signal to the mitochondria to simulate the generation of ATP.

Simply put, it's like putting fresh batteries in a dimming flashlight. It helps your cells generate more energy. 

Additionally, ozone helps cells put out more cytokines, or healing signals, while helping block chemical signals involved in pain and inflammation. For instance, an enzyme called transforming growth factor beta, or TGF beta, is found in joints and helps the body generate cartilage tissue. Ozone stimulates the release of these enzymes, which are beneficial for antioxidant protection and the healing process.

Because of these properties, ozone therapy, provides a way to stimulate the body's natural healing processes. Ozone has been shown to generate a remarkable decrease in pain, inflammation, and swelling in joints, muscles, scar tissue, fascia, and other connective tissues. 



Pain and Inflammation



Healing Times


ATP Production

Oxygen Uptake

Immune Funciton

Antioxidant Production


Antioxidant Enzymes

Cytokine Production

Tissue Regeneration


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Each initial Ozone appointment requires a $50 deposit to schedule. Payment info will be requested when we call to confirm your appointment. Ozone consultations are included in the Ozone therapy price, and the deposit will be credited to your infusion appointment.

All appointments have a 24 hour cancellation policy - no refunds will be issued within 24 hours of the appointment time.



Ozone therapy has been shown to increase mitochondira functioning by allowing the body to use oxygen more efficiently to power cells. By increasing cellular energy, cells are able to function properly, helping your body fight and prevent disease.

The gas is administered via single pass blood ozonation therapy, which involves extracting 200cc of your blood into a saline bag containing heparin and a nutrient blend. Concentrated ozone gas is then added to the bag, allowing the gas to react and be absorbed by your red and white blood cells. The blood is then infused back into your body, flooding your cells with highly oxygenated blood. The entire process takes about an hour. 

We also offer ten pass therapy, which involves ten separate cycles of blood extractions infused with higher concentrations of ozone gas. This process may take up to two hours. 

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Book an initial consultation with our medical staff trained in ozone therapy


Fill out all applicable intake forms, including current ailments, medical history, injury history, and current forms of recovery


In comfortable clothing, properly hydrated. Please do not arrive on an empty stomach.


After initial health assessment, our staff will begin the treatment where ozone immediately reacts to your blood cells


The benefits of ozone will continue to take effect, and we will develop a plan for your next treatments

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