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Natural Supplements

Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

To further enhance your nutritional profile, Vitaliv has developed Vitalife Nutraceuticals to complement our infusions and injectables.


With these essential supplements, you can maintain a well-rounded, beneficial supplementation plan to coincide with our therapies. Our pharmaceutical grade supplements use special ingredients to target general health, as well as more specific conditions and goals, including sleep support, heart health, blood sugar regulation, energy, cognition, thyroid regulation, adrenal support, gastrointestinal health, and more.

Essential Nutrition

Gastrointestinal Support

Heart Health

Endocrine Health

Sleep Support

Adrenal Support

Detox Support

Antioxidant Support

Mood & Cognition

Bone & Joint Health

Immune Support

Feminine Health

Daily Essentials


30 Servings

  • Provides baseline nutrition for a variety of protocols

  • Full spectrum antioxidant protection

  • Builds metabolic reserve and protects against dietary deficiencies

  • Protects against stress-induced nutrient depletion

  • Supports healthy metabolism


30 Servings

  • Maintains bone and dental health

  • Increases calcium absorption and balance

  • Boosts immune activity

  • Supports cardiometabolic health, blood sugar balance, and weight loss

  • Helps increase musculoskeletal strength and comfort


30 Servings

  • Supports cardiovascular health and blood sugar metabolism

  • Supports cognitive function and development

  • Supports healthy skin, joints, and connective tissue

  • Increases ocular health

  • Helps maintain a healthy inflammatory response and strengthen immune function


30 Servings

  • Helps maintain gastrointestinal balance

  • Increases secretory IGA for enhanced gut immunity

  • Supports bowel regularity

  • Supports digestion and micronutrient absorption

Complete Nutrition


30 Servings

  • Supports healthy body weight and metabolism

  • Promotes a feeling of fullness and reduces cravings

  • Provides a diverse blend of clean, plant-based nutrition

  • Promotes healthy gastrointestinal and immune function


30 Servings

  • Provides full-spectrum, nutrient-dense superfoods and fiber

  • Contains concentrated berries, fruits, vegetables, and greens

  • Supports cellular and liver detoxification

  • Promotes optimal pH levels in the body


30 Servings

  • Protects and promotes connective tissue biosynthesis and self-repair

  • Supports joint lubrication, joint cushioning, and normal connective tissue inflammatory response

  • Supports normal rejuvenation of healthy hair, skin, and nails


30 Servings

  • Supports bowel regularity

  • Helps with occasional constipation

  • Supports blood sugar balance

  • Promotes healthy cholesterol levels

Evidence Based

All Vitalife Nutraceutical products are evidence-based from well-controlled and peer-reviewd human clinical trials.

Raw Material Superiority


Does the ingredient match specifications used in clinical trials? Is the nutrient bioavailable when ingested? Has it been tested for safety? Simply stated, we do not use inferior raw materials, ever.

Therapeutic Potency

Our products always include the right therapeutic dosing of each ingredient, based on established research. We always formulate with the most efficacy in mind.

Complete Your Regimine

Included in our line are the essentials: multivitamins, probiotics, and omega fish oils. These supplements together are recommended for everybody, especially probiotics.

We've also added a line of essential nutrition in the forms of all-natural, organic plant-based protein powder, fiber, collagen peptides powder, and a supergreens powder. These nutrient-dense powders can be used as meal replacements, snacks, post-workout recovery shakes, or blended in a smoothie for a delicious treat. 

Without the


Since absorption rate isn't generally optimal for oral supplementation, efficacy is extremely important.


Our supplements are of the highest grade, sourced from the best raw materials and tested throughout the formulation process. These pharmaceutical grade supplements have been tested and retested, studied and restudied, making sure you are receiving the best, most potent, and cleanest supplements possible. Unlike most supplement lines that test at formulation, our line has been tested for potency at expiration date to guarantee you an effective product.


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