Your Body.

IV Vitamin Therapy

Infusions for total wellness.

Hydrate your body and fuel your cells with IV drips loaded with vital nutrients and electrolytes, allowing your body to perform at optimal levels while improving your overall health.


Vitamin replenishment infusions for overall health and wellness


Natural immune-boosting nutrients for prevention, relief, and recovery


B-Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids to fuel your workouts and your life


Replenish after a night out with fluids, electrolytes, nutrients, and anti-nausea


Detoxifying nutrients and powerful antioxidants for brighter, more beautiful skin

Weight Loss

Naturally boost your weight loss efforts without drugs or questionable ingredients

Mood & Sleep

Balance your mood, relax your mind, and sleep comfortably - naturally


Powerful B-vitamin derivative for natural cellular energy and improved cognition

Vitamin C

High-dose Vitamin C infusions to target disease and reduce inflammation

Proven Methods.

Research Backed

All of our therapies are backed by research, developed with nutrients proven to be effective.

Therapeutic Dosing

Each therapy delivers therapeutic dosages of each nutrient to maximize their effectiveness.

100% Absorption

Delivering nutrients via IV allows direct access to the blood stream for 100% absorption. 

Natural Ingredients.


Increased Energy

Healthy Skin and Hair

Antioxidant Properties

Regulates Hormones


Reduces Inflammation

Boosts Immunity

Relieves Pain

Improves Cognition

Amino Acids

Improves Endurance

Repairs Tissue

Reduces Soreness

Boosts Metabolism


Cleanses Cells

Reduces Inflammation

Targets Disease

Restores Functioning

Achieve more with personalized infusions.

Give your body exactly what it needs with a personalized wellness program centered around your nutritional deficiencies, genetics, and lifestyle.

Get Started

Schedule an infusion of your choosing off our menu based on your current symptoms and conditions

After a medical evaluation, our registered nurses will start your infusion drip in comfort

Enjoy comfortable recliners, personal TVs, blankets, and other amenities while you infuse

All the nutrients infused will start to process immediately, going to work inside your cells right away

After your treatment is done, your body continues to process and improve as you enjoy the benefits

Select Your


Choose your infusion type from the dropdown menu (you do not need to select a therapist).

Select your desired date.

Click search to see available times .

If booking multiple appointments, or looking to add additional nutrients, select main infusion and proceed with booking. Add additional therapies or requests to the appointment notes, or call us to verify additional adjustments.


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